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And the second is like it: However, parents tend to react with shock, disappointment, and shame when they learn of a son's or daughter's gay sexual orientation. The majority of Christian publications, while not openly attacking him, made it clear that they do not support his decision to live his life as a homosexual man. Salvino said. Like actual soul mates.

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You were born this way.

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I am the same way. And the second is like it: There are some that feel that his "giving in to the temptation of sin" and "succumbing to the homosexual lie" wipes out every shred of value that his music ever had in the world and that he should be "shunned from the body of Christ until he repents and changes his ways because he can not receive forgiveness until he actually repents from the sin.

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They are not without sinand so they know they are not in a position to cast the first stone.

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