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Head over to my twitter to get the YouTube link! He turned up at the agreed venue only to be confronted by two men who raped and robbed him, the man told Shams. Security guards murdered in patrol vehicle in Joburg. Shame on him once again. But Seefried did allow that he has been the subject of unnecessarily harsh criticism and bullying from many online. He apologized, saying his intent had been to raise awareness for suicide prevention. Obviously to LoganPaul being gay is some sort of punchline to a joke.

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A Tunisian homosexual who went to police to report he had been robbed has himself ended up with a six-month jail term, a court and activists said Monday.

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YouTube Star Logan Paul Sparks Controversy for Saying He Wants to 'Go Gay' for a Month

All The Details Inc. Paul got himself into trouble last year when he released a video in which he filmed the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan. Paul invited Outserve founder Josh Seefried on his podcast to discuss the issues with his comment. Babs Siperstein, pioneering N. The Nuclear Winter of our discontent. Two other men were each jailed for six months for sodomy, six weeks for theft and two weeks for violent behaviour. We also use cookies on the site for personalisation, analytics and ads.

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Seefried publicly called out Paul for his statement on Twitter. Head over to my twitter to get the YouTube link! And I always have been. The Nuclear Winter of our discontent. Confronting a childhood of sexual abuse in Kuwait. That is not what I implied by saying that. Gay Tunisian man jailed after going to police over robbery.

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