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Guard Schmidt Chris Holland I won't catalog all the things about the movie that are silly, as other critics have covered that in excruciating detail. Perhaps one of the most controversial gay features ever to come out of Germany, or anywhere else, this mouthful of a movie and its portrayal of gay men as shallow, fashion-obsessed, limp wristed weaklings created such a stir that the videotaped criticisms from gay activists constitute their own short. It's kind of cute in a way, lol. This term is his first ever behind bars. Share this Rating Title:

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11 Gay, German Movies From 1924-2004

Bruce La Bruce, G. It doesn't help that he's supposed to be American and has a British accent, but in a low-budget movie you can overlook things like that. Moonif, a young Syrian man, leaves the refugee camp to wander the streets of Berlin. I'll just mention two scenes that surprised me. Coming Out "Coming Out" I guess there aren't many black actors to choose from in Germany.

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It's called "Audience Response to It's not the Homosexual…". Iconic New Cinema filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder directed, wrote, and starred in this story of a gay man who falls for a wealthy heir. The attraction is mutual, and the two begin a relationship. Although inexperienced with men, Dennis is attracted to Mike, a black American inmate in another cell block who is half way through his fifteen year sentence for murder. Moonif, a young Syrian man, leaves the refugee camp to wander the streets of Berlin.

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