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Gay pants are not lumpy. The pleated khaki is such a heterosexual, unstylish pant that both heterosexuals and homosexuals have sworn them off. The unforgiving dad jean is indiscriminate in embarrassing its wearer—both President Obama and Mitt Romney, who are dads, were seen wearing dad jeans on the campaign trail. It fails to meet the gay criteria on all fronts—fit is minimal, burliness is expansive, and color, oh that color. The Pant: But the pant, as Scarborough and Weiner found, can come in brighter shades like "Nantucket Red", whatever color you want to call Weiner's pants, all the way up to yellow—which would make this pant out gay the trouser any day:. Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual.

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Mind you, each subset of each Kinsey category has its outliers and there my be variances determined by the tightness of the pant:.

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Real gay. The Designer Jean. But recently, and thanks to political figures like Joe Scarborough and Anthony Weiner, gay or not gay has become a determining characteristic.

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Nature or is it nurture?

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