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The poor bloke was really embarrassed, especially in front of his friends, who firstly all thought it was funny… and then disgusting. Every time I went out on a date, I feared the moments that I would have to hide behind a false nod and smile because I could not hear the guy. Back then, ASL was stigmatized, and Deaf people were more isolated from mainstream society. I found it striking that in your show, in contrast, some of the most powerful moments are all in sign language. Basically, my life has been fine. They just assume that deaf people do.

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And then, we change the subject to something more interesting.

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I'm Deaf and Gay -- And That's Totally Okay

Consequently, deaf individuals aren't excluded from the conversation quite as often, anymore, but still too much. They have no internal drive, their role is just to serve the larger narrative. Since then, Robert has become a virtual recluse, preferring to form relationships and friendships online, certain that no one will want him, since he is "damaged goods". They just assume that deaf people do. I have written this complaint, with a hint of sarcasm, to your supposedly superior message about your prejudice towards gay people; this is why I am a good human being with a good command of English and you are a poor human being who treat their language with contempt. Mainstream shows often cast deaf characters who speak. Still, she keeps a positive attitude:

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In fact, I can only remember a few homophobic things that have happened to me; usually just in arguments. Gay Discrimination Asl Deaf Minority. Is that how her hearing aid always sounds to her? And thank god for that because they had the right people and they knew what to do. Hearing folk seem to be less perceptive.

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