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In FebruaryRobinson was treated at an inpatient rehabilitation facility to deal with his "increasing dependence on alcohol". Just a week before the General Convention, Robinson had been with his daughter Jamee and held his four-hour-old first granddaughter. During his consecration, having received death threats and having been the subject of a smear campaign, Robinson and Andrew wore bulletproof vests. Robinson asked the rest of the congregation, most of whom greeted the interruption with slow-clappingto "pray for that man", before completing his sermon. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Diocese of New Hampshire.

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One of the speakers was Robinson's daughter, Ella, who read a letter from his ex-wife Boo in strong support of Robinson.

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Gene Robinson

The House of Deputies, which consists of laypersons and priests, voted in the affirmative: National Public Radiowhich relied on the HBO feed that omitted it, broadcast a recording the following day with an interview of Robinson about its limited exposure; in that venue, Robinson described it as conforming to the four-fold Franciscan prayer model. The New York Sun. Views Read Edit View history. The final vote was postponed to address these last-minute charges.

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It's just a part of my journey, and why would I possibly regret that? McDaniel supported his election as bishop of New Hampshire, which, caused conservative Episcopalians in the US to break away and was the subject of intense debate in the worldwide Anglican church. Rowan WilliamsArchbishop of Canterburystated that "[it] will inevitably have a significant impact on the Anglican Communion throughout the world and it is too early to say what the result of that will be. Bishop-elect has accepted his homosexuality". So likely was Robinson's death that the physician asked Robinson's father Charles for a name for the baby's birth and death certificates. Reports from Britain describe how Robinson has received death threats, had to wear bulletproof vests, and needed protection since his election and consecration. Their house did not have running water until Robinson was ten years old.

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