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I should be wary of those I did not know, polite to those I did, and tough as nails with those who were disrespectful or in any way threatening. MySpace has more than million members and an unknown number of unregistered lurkers. Those preparing for the worst will find their darkest fears realized in To Catch a Predator. I realized, during our second or third game, that I was having my very first online relationship. The child of a 17th-century weaver would have been raised and educated at home, prey to the diseases and domestic accidents of his time, but protected from strangers who meant him harm. Shortly after that first visit, once my interfering children had been packed off to school, I made myself a nice cup of coffee and logged on. Hansen has written a book about the program, which he created.

The campus was surrounded by a wall as thick and imposing as any ever built around a school dedicated to the teaching and sheltering of girls.

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He took me to great places, he paid for everything, and he showed me how to do things. The penguins could chat with each other. Kelsey describes an experiment she conducts each year in which kids are asked not to log on for an entire week. She was a nice girl, you could tell that right away:

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Caitlin Flanagan is a contributing editor at The Atlantic.