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Why Brooklyn and not one of the others, such as Lexington or Hudson? There are also three of six issues of a mini-series called "Gargoyles: Jevon Phillips Los Angeles Times 1. She had a complete disregard for gender stereotypes that lead to her even shedding her first name as a way to stay away from the other Ashleys at school. Probably the worst season - hopefully they snap out of it

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Lexington is one of the gargoyles of the Wyvern clan and later the Manhattan Clanand a member of the trio.

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Has anyone else seen the new comic books? Brooklyn had Demona but I doubt she thought enough about him to feel the same, her focus was always on Goliath. Comprised of taught storylines, humor, and emotional depth, Gargoyles was a standout show above the line up of animated series.

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I also think some of the commercials weren't clear that this was a fairly mature series and not just something akin to Tail Spin or DuckTales not that I didn't love those shows, but you get my drift.

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