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In September, the department filed a brief arguing that Mr. It does not condition the institution on one's ability to procreate. Lord Carey of Clifton was Archbishop of Canterbury from to From the magazine issue dated Dec 15, His successor Pope Benedict XVI maintained opposition to the institution, considering it amongst "the most insidious and dangerous threats to the common good today". Only after an outcry over such secrecy — and the anti-gay rights positions of its sponsor — did a transcript of Mr. It is one of the sixteen precepts accepted by all Zen Buddhist monks, nuns and seriously committed lay people.

church and state gay marriage
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After all, what is the reason for limiting marriage just to opposite sex couples?

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Pandora Press, Metropolitan Community Church. Moreover, we believe the natural institution of marriage has been blessed and elevated by Christ Jesus to the dignity of a sacrament. We have found, in practice, that both extreme positions, those of religious conservatives and of secularists alike, pose grave threats to liberty of conscience and religion.

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They violate the First Amendment's Establishment Clause that requires that government "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

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