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Temporary divorce ceremonies are also common here, the saying goes, all relationships are open. The month period starting Feb. Brides jostling for plum spots by the Temple, a large spiritual building erected and ceremonially burned at the end of the week. In addition to the building-like structures, hundreds of sculptures are erected for the festival. Here, an Art Car is accessorised with a torch. Regardless of Wall money, it is being built as we speak! Philippine agents arrest journalist critical of president.

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Many pictures, just a few here.

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The Wedding Business Is Booming at Burning Man

I worked on my night lights more this year, I was easy to find for my friend, even from far: With no stores, trading and gifting are the only way to acquire goods and services such as food, gear, or even dance lessons throughout the week. Thankfully the man burned a lot quicker than the previous years were it took forever an hour or soso before long we were up and running towards the fire: Arturo and I helped out as receptionists on the god helpline Samskara Again, have a look at page showing the Dome, Showing Samskara. This year it was the pyramid and the lighthouse: Their effectiveness is not well studied, although people who have received the course of treatment have reported rapid, if not always lasting, relief. In recent years, scores of clinics have opened around the country, offering to administer intravenous ketamine for depression, on a schedule similar to that of electroshock therapy:

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Video Image Burning Man in 60 seconds 1: Bloomberg has not yet announced whether he will run in the Democratic primary. This page was my way to share with you, please share and enjoy: He was the first New York City police officer to be killed in the line of duty since July One young man was killed when, according to a witness, a loose gun inside a box he was hauling discharged. This article was republished with permission from Getty Images. The Man Oh yeah, and there is some kind of man thingy in the middle, and it burns at some point, or something

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