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Webinars Privacy Policy. The guys who run this board did not know what Brent Spiner looked like sans the Data Make up which means know they have no knowledge whatsoever about the person who plays this cute character. His face is as familiar to me as any; I confess without shame to having a childhood ok, ok, and adulthood crush on Data, which perhaps explains my uncanny knack for dating emotionally unavailable computer people. Why is your IP address match that of 'MrsGodwyn'? I've seen my share of proof that Donna, Dawn and Brent are friends including photos of them on stage with Brent. The 5-month-old iPad app has a total ofbooks read so far — Burton emphasizes this means three- to nine-year-old kids are collectively using the app to read 30, books per day. And 3D.

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The same charge was also levied against the Oscar-nominated film "The Imitation Game," which some critics felt downplayed its protagonist's sexual orientation to a detrimental degree. Finding my way via fandom Above: You'd think they'd at least want that. Weight of evidence that only the media can manage.

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