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He considers the glaciers a kind of environmental miner's canary: Todd Stern, the top U. The report adds that on 3 June the police raided "a well-known gay bar called Cherry" to search for drugs; around of the locale's patrons were detained until the next afternoon, and reportedly "denied their civil rights and beaten, apparently because of their sexual orientation," facing "taunts, insults and threats to expose our sexuality publicly. Finally, the MGLP Libertad report states that this movement was established in the beginning of to carry out advocacy and a number of activities in favour of the homosexual community, and names two counterpart organizations in other cities of Bolivia: The Andean nation's millenniums-old glaciers are melting down to bare rock because of global warming that the country's 9 million residents did little to create. By the next morning, the international press had gotten wind of it, Bolivian newspapers had plastered it on their front pages and Spain's national LGBT federation had issued a statement calling the comment "homophobic. As the smoke from the ceremonial coca-leaf offering floated into the late-morning air, representatives from Brazil, Nigeria and India said it was time the world chose between survival and destruction.

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Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Bolivia:

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The report adds that "times may be changing" as "many [young gays and lesbians] openly admit their sexuality, refusing to live a double life of secrecy and guilt," although being open about one's homosexuality can entail family problems ibid. Few homosexuals would give their names for this article; even the president of the Gay Association preferred to remain anonymous Latinamerica Press 30 July Published information on the situation of gays and lesbians is scarce.

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This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible information currently available to the Research Directorate within time constraints.

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