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Nuriko decides to use a male identity and clothes when helping Miaka in her quest to find the remaining Celestial Warriors. The protagonist of Wandering Son, Shu, is a transgender girl. I read Charity in high school and let me tell you it gave me some Feelings. Wade Wilson is pansexual. Morimoto, a young professional woman in Japan, wishes her parents would stop trying to get her to marry a man and settle down. Catwoman vol. Keyword requirement transgender, graphic novels, manga, bisexual, gay, lesbian, lgbt.

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The Provincetown Series, by Radclyffe.

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Juniper Lane https: Hikaru wants to be there for Rihito, but can Rihito learn to open his heart and rely on another person? Nakamura is a shy boy who falls in love at first sight with another boy--his dreamy high school classmate Hirose. I think my new TBR list is just to get through as many of these as possible!

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The three survivors want to put it behind them, but it comes back to haunt in unexpected ways in this strange and imaginative literary thriller.

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