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They were caught making out by a security camera. They were obviously not friends, just co-workers. FWIW, my friend who's a dog walker for him on a rotational basis, has said he enjoys all the online gossip from bitter boner-queens. They were heavily in debt when they split. He's not gay and he was so overrated in Nightcrawler. R26 Is referring to the comments by Billy Crystal on Jakey as a kid in City slickers " everyone knew he was going to grow up to be gay.

Maybe Matt could be the one to change that?

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Rep: Jake Gyllenhaal & Austin Nichols Not a Gay Couple

When he falls in love with me, I'll worry about his love life. Such on-screen sexual chemistry between Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr. He is clearly very non-committal and uncomfortable talking about women he's dated, which is basically ALL Howard wanted to talk about. Thank you for subscribing. He seems to live in Hollywood PR and spin. He couldn't think of a better story on the fly. Gylley and Austin have been besties since forever and A.

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Gay gay gay gay gay. Another said he's gay and kind of douchey. Your client is box office poison. I wonder if Munn gets an hourly wage or if she's salaried? I can believe he's primarily attached to women and he's been mainly with women.