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It was a hot day: His cock was much whiter than his lightly tanned arms and legs. The idea of me watching obviously didn't piss them off, and they looked at each other. There was no way I was going to be able to piss now so I thought I'd just wash up and get out of there. It's just that if there's someone there, I can't get started for some reason. Looked a bit too nancyboy for them. There was loads of graffiti, loads of names, loads of invitations for "cock fun", but no hole.

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As I was drying my hands with the paper towels, I turned around to look at them again.

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It was a hot day: I had no idea about why I even wanted to act - I'd never even considered that this kind of thing happened, never mind thought about getting involved in it. I got back to looking forwards in case he should think something was going on between us. Being respectful will get you far in cruising, and also establishes a safe environment for everyone. In fact, he guided me through the entire experience which helped me relax and enjoy the moment more.

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Another girl looked me over as I walked past her. It was much thicker at its base, where his pubic hair bushed outwards from his flies, and sort of tapered towards his bell end. He rubbed his hand up and down and then started moving it in and out around the area where crew cut's hole would be. It had been a stressful time and I needed a release. Crew cut still had his jeans on around his ankles and since he was servicing blond guy's cock, I couldn't see much of him. I walked forward to see what they'd do but one of them closed the door and I heard the bolt snap across. She was also at Cornwall with her parents, but in her case for a two week holiday yikesand she wanted someone to go out with in the evenings.

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