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The producers managed to keep a mixture of gay and straight men in the house despite the eliminations by putting the men into "groups" that prevented the contestant from eliminating all of the gay men or all of the straight men. Lisa Vanderpump with the Toms: Back at the mates' house, James, Andra and the mates have a backyard barbecue and present James with their gifts. Four hours before their wedding, Dan and Gregg have not written their vows. I deserve to be looked at! Couples on dates slip into seats at the bar, while groups of friends doing a happy hour hang hold out for tables; tourists and locals rub elbows companionably inside and out.

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Dale and Eve have their wedding rehearsal with ChoQosh.

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Red Dress Party: Eve reconciles with her mother. Helping him choose was his best friend Andra Stasko. Stag, NW Broadway.

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Eve and Dale find a venue they love but Eve's parents back out of a promise to help pay for the wedding.

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