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Okay, finally a rumor I believe. One, in fact, was a contestant on American Gladiators back in the '80s. How do we know it's not a fake? I have been a democrat for 36 years. O what a tangled web! Trying to out-smear the GOP before they can gat any good dirt on Obama. Larry Sinclair-the gay man who's accused Senator Barack Obama of sharing gay sex and drugs with him in a Gurnee, IL hotel room in held a press conference at the National Press Club today.

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Prostitutism is the dominant ideology" - Noelnada.

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R have not found your ageist remark to be remotely accurate. This is exactly the same shit they pulled out of their tired asses last time around. Both parties are fully owned by Corporate America, but only one of them embraces bigotry, denies science, and can't win elections without gerrymandered districts and blatant lies. You only wish that was the truth Getting a little bit nervous over here.

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I can see the NYT Announcement thread already If anything, this crap needs to strengthen our resolve. Click here to register, or here to login if you already have an account. I'm pretty sure that this Sinclair is a nutcase, but this is rather like hearing Goebbels call someone a racist. There two gasbags are huge liars. One can not be a true Christian and not believe i[…].