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I am a sex-positive writer and blogger. DO respect collar code. Leather bars are places of tolerance — places where you can be the queer, kinky, leather-loving, cum-hungry, rubbery, buckled-up, cigar-smoking, nonmonogamous, polyamorous, daddy-seeking, cocksucking person you are. Kinky men and women of a certain age likely have been doing this before the internet made kink accessible to everyone, before porn became what it is today, before information on fetish scenes was widely available. We live in the era of tagging your location on Facebook and surveillance cameras everywhere.

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The hanky code has survived in kink.

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Find out beforehand if certain gear is required. DO support leather bars — especially in places outside your city. DO learn the history of the leather bar. DO be aware what happens in play areas, cruise hallways, and dark backrooms.

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Enjoy them.

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