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And lastly the family and friends, having to worry about potentially cutting ties or distancing yourself from some of them because they simply are too unwilling to learn or accept it. Keep your head up and stay strong! I would love to become best friends with a transgender woman. I am a transgender girl and I find it super hard to find love. People should feel free to ask whatever the please. Its about having enough respect for someone to get to know them as a person before anything else.

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Oh, and mind your language too, because it is offensive at times. Your family is ripping your family apart, not your daughter or her partner. Personally in general everyone is different of course I find to be some of the sweetest, most level headed, and understanding girls you will ever meet. As time goes on in a relationship all questions are acceptable. Of course int he beginning be extra respectful to any girls.

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Transgenders are also human beings. Some will go on from being registered nurses to medical doctors, others from sales associates to store managers at Gucci. These are the questions that will actually help you get to know someone at their core, and it shows that you are actually interested. Is that really too much to ask? Oh, and mind your language too, because it is offensive at times. Other than that, I have not discussed any of my other personal relationships with my extended family members, and do not intend to begin now. If I see a female that I am attracted to, nothing else matters.

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