Transgender and the bible

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In other words, what a person feels and the identity they claim for themselves on the basis of these feelings is understood to relate to who they really aregiven that they are considered to know themselves best of all. And how should parents speak to their children about issues of gender identity? I also wish that, in places, the book was written with a non-Christian audience a little more clearly in mind. To one degree or another, none of us feels aligned in ourselves; those experiencing gender dysphoria know the pain of that anguish more acutely than most. How can churches best demonstrate their compassion and love for all those they come across?

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With transgender issues raising difficult questions, this book from Vaughan Roberts offers a helpful introduction.

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The Transgender Delusion

An individual that believes he is a woman needs healing and compassion through the power of Jesus. Article by Sky Cline. And how should parents speak to their children about issues of gender identity? A compassionate response Throughout his book, Walker clearly displays compassion for those with gender dysphoria. He needs help and spiritual surgery; not a denial of his sickness and encouragement to live in delusion.

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Walker claims that, too often, Christians have been on the back foot and have been too slow in responding to these social changes — and, above all, in responding well to the individuals involved. What have you been thinking about? And how are they to make sense of what they feel? God and the Transgender Debate: How should Christians advise transgender people to proceed when they themselves become Christians?

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