No gay marriage arguments

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From a metaphysical point of view, this requires us to understand what enables something to be considered of the same species. In this story, the men of Sodom seek to rape two visitors who are actually angels. This is the material legal matter of properly recognizing and identifying what exists and distinguishing between marriages and auto clubs, between schools and banks, between friendships and multinational corporations. In short, the argument is that it devalues their love. Whether they can raise them as well or as badly as any heterosexual couple is not relevant here. Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: One kind of social relationship that government recognizes, for example, is a free contract by which two or more parties agree to carry out a transaction or engage in some kind of activity.

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We produce knowledge-based, ethical journalism.

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Why the Argument for Same-Sex Marriage is Not Sound

There is no civil-rights discrimination involved when the law refuses to recognize my auto club as a church. The argument about the structural identity of marriage is not a legal argument about how people should be treated within the bonds of that structure. It has nothing to do with civil rights. Most popular on The Conversation Tiny houses look marvellous but have a dark side: Even so, this does not make them the same. A counter-objection that is often put is the following: Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in:

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It makes no sense to say that romantic love is equal to Platonic love or the love between friends. Serious Christians cannot ignore the Bible. Their relationship per se cannot be open to procreation. Otherwise, the appeal amounts to nothing more than a request that homosexual partners be allowed to call themselves what they want to call themselves regardless of the differences that exist in reality. Marriage is a human right, but it is reserved for heterosexual relationships since it is through the very nature of such relationships that families can be formed. It is not sound if any of the premises are false, since the conclusion will not be true.

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