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Outward Bound: She prefers jocks with a sense of humor. She struggles to support herself, and is putting herself through Grossmont Community College by working nights at a Hooters in Mission Valley. Bus Brawl: Pedro and Rachel discuss her reaction to his scrapbook presentation in the previous episode, which he took as a sign of rejection. Sitting alone on the seawall, Colin realizes he pushes people away to avoid getting hurt. After a night at the bar, Tyrie finds himself trying to balance two different women, Ashley and Jazalle.

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The seven strangers settle into their posh Philadelphia house.

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They make amends and decide that their friendship is more important than a man. Everyone pours into their new island abode and selects rooms. MTV Syndication.

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On the Cosmic Sutrashe and a psychic discuss astrology, while Stargazing is a gossip show about how celebrities can employ astrology to their advantage.

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