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Retrieved August 11, Walsh is openly gay, and has a "rampant" sex life; Buzzfeed explains, that "with a libido as powerful as his mind, [Walsh] has unapologetically used his sexuality to bend men to his will and manipulated everyone blocking his path to career advancement". Oliver, now aware of all the murders, tries to be understanding of how Connor handled everything alone while he can't bring himself to go by his usual way. Nowalk, Peter February 26, His suspicions are correct, and after he reveals this to Keating and Trudeau, Curtis' boss humiliates and fires him. Unknown to them, Phillip has hacked Oliver too and knows what they are up to.

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This prompted his mother to have a nervous breakdown, and strained Connor's relationship with his father.

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Connor Walsh (character)

Nowalk, Peter September 24, By the fourth episode, " Let's Get to Scooping ", Walsh has developed feelings for Hampton; while he attempts to reveal this to Hampton, the revelation is cut short when Hampton snoops through Walsh's phone, and learns of Walsh's tryst with a person of interest in a case. Connor has a "bratty" relationship with Annalise and makes it clear, more often than not, that he doesn't trust her. How to Get Away with Murder character. Retrieved from " https:

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As a way of thanking him, Walsh has sex with Hampton, much to the technician's surprise and delight. Heartbroken, Connor packs up and leaves Oliver's apartment to stay at Michaela's for a while. This prompted his mother to have a nervous breakdown, and strained Connor's relationship with his father. After Annalise's house burns down and Connor is unreachable, Oliver fears the worst but is relieved when Connor shows up at the hospital. Hampton initially resists, but he then reveals that he is addicted to Walsh. Falahee had initially auditioned through video for the assistant to the casting director of Murderbefore auditioning for another pilot series, Agatha. Nowalk, Peter February 26,

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