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Girls sometime shave hairy buttholes too. We arrived at the campsite around 6 pm and it was already pitch dark. Boy scouts get rough. He says it's not uncommon for post coital regrets to kick in, and they then quite literally kick in. I had to read the initial post a bunch of times and about 20 of your comments to convince myself that I wasn't 'Dan'.

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I remember one time he wanted to suck my dick, and I let him but never came or anything.

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What led to this incident? I don't think I ever did. If you could talk to him again, would you? Yet not right, I suppose. All this gay sexual experience did really fuck me in the head tho. Not relevant but someone please answer this. Decades later, I don't have any regrets or awkward feelings about that stuff.

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Fly's, well they could cause harm to me and my family possibly make us sick so you have to weigh the insect death up. You did nothing to feel guilty about. Much more realistic than the other advice being given. Otherwise, and especially if you figure she's the type of person this would be a big deal in the relationship for, forget about it. Wild Thing Podcast 14 Feb 1: And what"s with Shannon acting up strange before the date? I never really supressed this I don't think.

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