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In the city of Aladron, trainers, Pokemon, and curious crossbreeds of anthropomorphic Pokemon wander about their day-to-day lives, enjoying a sustainable society together. It became a comfort to have a big load of warm fur beside me, cuddling up with me at night. It was a strange feeling to be so close to anyone else. Any situations or circumstances in this story that contain likeness to real events are completely coincidental. He jumped at my questioning, the piece of meat he'd been adding to his pile that rested on a large leaf almost falling from its make-shift tray. There are also lots of sex scenes between pokemon and characters other than the main guy, Avery. I would be unwise if I disregarded the civilisation in my territory.

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He glanced up, then quickly averted his eyes, somehow pulling himself up onto his knees and bowing.

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I am seventeen years old, and I'm from the village just north of here. I had to admit, however begrudgingly, that it wasn't unwelcome. I had expected nervousness from him, not the bold statement that bordered on accusation. That alone should prove that I have respect of your people. This isn't just a cheesy romance, though; the rodent pair faces ups and downs as they go through tribulations and learn about what it means to be on the journey of life. But instead of a nice warm pussy, it was a nice, tight ass. I don't sleep in clothes since I find it too uncomfortable against my soft thread count sheets, and besides, Sarge's hair was smooth and nice on my bare skin.

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I did not rush him; I had plenty of time, and so did he. Look at him, look at his eyes. I soon lured Mackie on to my back and noticed something poking around at my hind quarters. I wonder what was going through his head as he considered me kneeling there. Thunder rumbled shortly after. I then took the bled-out rat and an excellent skewering stick back to Soren.

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